Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Welcome to Lomonster Ville

There is a place somewhere in my head with creatures that shine with colors, do crazy things, loves lomo and they're all full of love. Lomonster Ville is the place where these characters roam and hang out to chill.

Catch (Acrylic on Photopaper)

Chilling (Acrylic on Photopaper)

City love (Acrylic on Photopaper)

Flyer (Acrylic on Photopaper)

The gangs of Lomonster Ville (Acrylic on Photopaper)

Where's my goggles? (Acrylic on Photopaper)

These strange creatures add character to my lomographs and the good part is--I did all this the analog way. I printed some of my lomographs and painted on it using acrylic paints. My kids have names for these creatures and they think it's cool. I think I'm going to stay in this village for a little while.