Wednesday, March 26, 2008


...ang sarap lang tumanga!
At tignan ang araw sa umaga, tanghali, hapon at gabi na dumadaan.
Sasamantalahin ko na hanggang libre pa.
Hindi malayong mangyari na may "buffering" muna bago ito makita.
At baka pixelized na ang images sa aking mata.

La Union Tripping (Lomo shots)

Nothing but water, sand, sun and sunblock. Enjoying every second of the holiday. One happy trip for us. 
Break from work and exams. First time ko mag drive from Quezon City to La Union. 8 ass tiring hours. 
Worth it lalo na dahil maganda ang pictures at video:-)

San Juan La Union. March 20-22, 2008.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

SuperBrats Anawangin trip '06

The best things in life are free. Back in the days when Anawangin is still free of charge and trash and the only noise you'll hear is the sound of birds mating. AMCI Batch '97 reunion outing. April...  


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The street mentality

So this is freedom. Oppositions. Administrations. Oppositions that used to be in administration. Enemies are suddenly now friends. They rally and hold hands on the street. I saw these big events happened at least three times. The more it happen, the more it shows how dubious their agenda is. All are shouting their sentiments on the streets. Just because it's the street doesn't mean they can do whatever they like. And the pavements can smell their true intentions.