Thursday, December 31, 2009

Baguio tripping

December 27-29, 2009. We heart the weather, the people, the food, the parks, the long walks plus the Kaia jumpings,
the commuting, the boat rides, the horse rides, the palengke, the ukay-ukay and the pine trees. Kulang ang 3-days.

We'll be riding on horses

That's the way it's gonna be little darling. We'll be riding on horses. Way up in the sky little darling. And if you fall I'll pick you up.  ---Rickie Lee Jones

Zeph and Kaia wants the horse with pink hair:) Wright park is just 5 minutes away from Mine's view where we first went. They got to ride a horse named Sweet 16. The other one we named Super brown. It costs 300 pesos per horse for an hour ride. Kaia enjoyed it so much. And Zeph made dad promised her, next time she'll go ride the horse without a guide.

Random shots : Around Baguio

Let's help save this place from pollution, traffic congestion and trash.

Praying to free Baguio of all man made calamities.

Hoping that the sunflowers will not cease to grow

and horses to continue to run

and a proper urban planning

for the children here

and our kids who wants to experience this place

Strawberries galore

Ang dali palang mag-commute papunta sa strawberry farm. It's very accessible and it just costs us less than 50 pesos fare ride back and forth. And fruit picking has never been this enjoyable with Zeph and Kaia around. It costs 300 pesos a kilo plus a free basket. Pwede pang tumikim. Ang dami ko atang natikman. Strawberries everywhere...from shake to taho to ice cream to jam. And even me is singing strawberry:)