Saturday, November 22, 2008

Black & White & then some

Weekends at Nanay's house in Cainta.

Gamboy update with cousins Sam, Yomi and Zeph

Marco spidey pose

DVD time with Kaia and Ilot

Game boy and game girl


Time to eat

Tita Bulen





Karaoke time with Balugs

Friday, November 21, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My winning tripwolf shirt finally arrived

About a month ago my lomo photo was chosen as a minor winner in the photo contest. The prize--a shirt. A white tripwolf shirt and they instructed me (from their email) that when I receive the t-shirt, I have to take a picture of myself in it in my home-town, or if I'm traveling. Take a picture drinking my favorite coffee, devouring my
favorite kabob, hugging my favorite statue or bungee-jumping in my favorite canyon...whatever. Cool enough for me. This is an additional pic of my face all over the net.:) cool!

Thanks to Tripwolf:))

Lazy Saturday morning mood

It's not that we hate waking up early on a Saturday morning, we're just a big fan of Friday night.
LC-A + Sensia 200 xpro

Kaia gising na!


Zeph watches morning cartoon

Nick Jr or Cartoon Network

CD music naman

 or play the guitar na lang

and I'm easy like a Saturday morning

stop singing dad

So, saan tayo pupunta today?


sa bed na lang uli...


Monday, November 17, 2008

Saturday, November 8, 2008

My top 10 favorite photos : 2007

It's late I know, because...

1. I got too preoccupied deciding which is better: digital or or or or film...damnit, i missed another cool shot.

2. I got busy convincing myself that this photo is beautiful just because it was taken with a lomo camera, but it's really crap. And crap happens.

3. I got obsessed copying other people's stlye, and take for granted my own style that needs to be perfected.

4. I got too fixated on all the techniques that i could google.

5. I was possessed by this gadget spirit whispering behind my ears, that i need to buy this camera and this lens and this camera and this accessories, when i have not yet maximize what i have to its full potential. I should be thinking of how to tell a good story taken with this camera in hand and not go crazy and buy some more camera just because it looks cool.

This is so last year but i want to post my favorite photos just the same, so that this year, there will be no more stupid excuses.

Zeph and Yayo. Holga 120N

Sail Away. Shot in Bali with LC-A

Step up. Published in JPG magazine issue 16. Canon Rebel XT

A princess waiting for the car. Another fave shot with LC-A after two rolls films

BBF. Afternoons with my daughters in Sunken Garden. Canon Rebel XT

Merlion and Zeph.
Canon Rebel XT

I hate red hair. Kaia's tampo moment. Canon Rebel XT

Vespas and the beach. My first long ride, from Manila to Zambales. Canon Rebel XT

The sky isn't the limit. Model: Vhong Navarro. LC-A

I wanna jam it with you. Beautiful tsamba shot with Holga 120N

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The New Fisheye 2 by Paul Smith

This is like huwow...but too expensive. $150! for the stripes trademark...cost double 
than the non designer lomo fisheye. but still it's like huwow! lomoing in style. 
what's next? Prada? check it out!