Monday, January 12, 2009

At John's incredible

This one's bigger than Chuck E Cheese. It's a 20 minute drive from Roseville. Kaya-kaya nang hindi mawala. A full day of rides and eat all you can pasta and pizza and salad and dessert and drinks and games. Really incredible for Zeph and Kaia.

Of course carousel is their fave

Kaia and Zeph misses the Timezone

winner as always

gimme that tickets

Eat all you can

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Zeph Wants Me To Post This

Because she wants the world to know that she loves her new
The coolest shoes she ever had. I bet this made her year.
Keep on rolling, Zeph.

I left my bonnet in San Francisco

I heard a lot of cool things about San Francisco. It's coolness is in songs I listened to, movies that I watched and stories I've read.
I wouldn't mind driving again to get there.
It's a foggy 2 hour drive to San Francisco, buti na lang lumabas ang araw sa bay area when we got there. So we walk...and walk...and run... and take some pics. Saya. Cool ang mga hippie at homeless at street performers at pedestrians dito. In short, SFO is such a cool city.
Babalik ulit ako dito, next time. Peace brother. Yeah!

Follow that big black car. 
In convoy with James, Lie, Enzo and Liam. Hirap na baka maligaw uli.

Thank God, the weather cooperates

all smiles while viewing the Alcatraz

Enzo and Zeph

The famous Rock

and the golden gate bridge from a far

The friendly bird wants to be in the shot

 Yayo and Kaia chase some birds

And all Kaia wants to do is chase them the whole day

Getting hungry

and the clam chowder is so yummy

Walk again

cousins rock

Liam is recharged

Waiting for the tram

GPS para di mawala. 
Mas madali daw maglakad kesa mag drive in SFO

Classic view for our final stop. It's so cold.

Saan na ang bonnet ko? brrrrr...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Chilled in Lake Tahoe

Famous during winter for skiing and snow boarding. South Lake Tahoe is located in Sierra Nevada Mountains along the border between California and Nevada. One thing I love about going to this place is because I want to experience snow. See it, smell it, taste it, play with Kaia and Zeph with it. It's a two and a half hour (zig-zagy) drive from Roseville. It's worth it, a really beautiful place. (medyo sanay na ang pwet ko sa long drive at sanay na din tumingin ng exits). When we got there, Kaia can't bear the cold in the summit with an elevation of more than 10,000 feet. So dad, instead of running in the snow, embraced her baby in a bench in front of a heat emitting machine while Mom with Zeph and Enzo played in the snow. (sob, sob) Next time I will come back for a grand skiing time:(

Stopping over for a couple of snaps of the cool view 

Heavenly Mountain Resort gondola

Yey! Tickets after a long line

Excited to go to the summit

Ilot with Enzo


Kaia starts to chill


the fantastic view of the icy lake

Zeph starts to play in the snow

snow cones anyone?
But where is Kaia?
Kaia want food not snow (After sleeping for thirty minutes in the cold summit, 
Kaia don't like snow anymore)


Regina and Jude

Tita Cecile

Awesome trip