Friday, August 14, 2009

My running buddy

I can't figure it out but city running can sometimes be such a bore. I think it has something to do with the smell of it. I have no technical data to prove it but the odor of the road, the smoke from the vehicles and my sweat doesn't seem to blend pretty well, that when you smell it and then hits your brain, you kind of feel the run is becoming tedious and so you'll stop. Twenty minutes of running can be tiring especially if you're running alone, which most of the time I do. So I bring along my running buddy.
Enter ipod shuffle. (tadah!)

It's lightweight, and it whispers in my ears telling me what song is currently playing. The 4 gigabyte capacity stores many of my favorite songs, so I hear music instead of the heavy breathing I make. It also serves as my timer. I usually run for 30 minutes, so I set the playlists to half an hour for me to know if I'm running too slow. But I also have playlists for one hour and playlist for more than an hour if i feel like running a bit longer. Plus, the control is in the right earbud cord making it easier to navigate through songs, playlists, and volume thus disrupting not the run. This is my 4th and the best ipod so far.
It's been a wonderful experience running with her for some months now, and with the proper playlists, and a fully-charged battery, this baby can run with you for miles.