Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What I do

Zeph, my daughter, always ask me what I do. I always answer: I make commercials. She nods as if she understood. And then she'll always tell me that she saw the new Enervon or Knorr commercial on TV and that she liked it. I always smile because more than I appreciate it, I really don't know how to react to an 8 year old kid about the complexity of what I do.
Or maybe in her mind it's not that complicated.
And I thought about it and maybe yes, it's not really that complicated. I will try explain the process as simple as possible so just in case Zeph ask me again-- I'll just give her this link.

So the advertising commercial starts with the idea. Assuming that I have an idea on the first day, from the time the creative brief was explained to us, i usually doodle (or otherwise known as thumbnails) on my notebook more or less how I visualize that idea.

after going through that words and visual connections to vivify the proposition, I usually make 5 or more decent ideas. And then present it to the creative director, once the CD liked it after the usual 2 internals and with 2-3 enhancements, we'll polish the copy and visual to present it to client.
So this is the storyboard for Fita Minsan TVC30's. We usually present 3 different ideas to client. If they liked an idea, with 2-3 revisions it will then proceed to production. We will recommend a director that we feel fit to do the job in capturing the idea that we have on paper. 

This particular spot was directed by Henry Frejas of Filmex.
It usually have a time table of 1-2 months to make a TV commercial (that's from conceptualization to production). 
So yes, that pretty simple.
Pero bakit late pa din ako umuuwi?

But I love the feeling of seeing it on TV:)