Monday, October 26, 2009

Snail mail me

Today was my first time to sent out a snail mail. Funny really at this day and age where electronic mail is at its peak.
And what is more funny is that I actually like the feeling of sending postcards, stamps and all. Call me old-fashioned but i think this is actually cool.
So at lunch time I went to the Makati Post office to send a postcard to the Lomographic Society International. There were two stamps for international mails which costs eight and five pesos respectively multiplied by six (stamps) which totals to seventy-eight pesos. Great math:) but I forgot to ask how many days would it take the postcard to reach Austria. Well, I just hope it wouldn't take a month.
Funny, I use to laugh at these things way back in high school, but now...looks like stamp collection is not so gay after all. 
Please stay Philpost for I have still lots of postcard to mail.

Update: It arrived in LSI:) cool!