Sunday, April 27, 2008

Beautifully imperfect

These flawed shots should have gone to the trash...but If given a second look, each have their own uniqueness worthy of a frame. Much like life, which is flawed and uncertain, these pictures tells me that many things don't usually go my way. So, instead of throwing them away, learn to give it another chance. I'm surprised how beautiful it turned out to be. Forever loving the beauty of accidents and imperfections. Forever loving films. Forever loving life. Random shots taken with Lomo LC-A from everywhere.
Accidental first shot

 Accidental moment

Accidentally exposed

Accidentally smiling

Accidentally in frame

 Accidentally off frame

Accidentally the camera opens

 Accidentally moving

Accidentally alien eyes

Accidentally out of focus

Accidentally taken

Accidentally reddish

Accidentally pinkish

Accidentally exposed many times

Accidentally night lights

Accidentally looking

Accidentally happy

Accidents happen