Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I owe this girl a super dooper date

Whenever she gets a star on a test, or an O on her card sheet...Zeph and I go on a sooper, dooper date. Or otherwise known as an all day stroll at the mall, play in time zone, eat what she likes, tambay sa toys r us or sa bookstore, do anything she likes till she literally falls asleep. It's a sort of a reward for a job well done, which works on her to give her best at school. Yesterday when she finally received her report card, she's got an overall grade of an O (outstanding). (Daddy happily clapping hands) And she's on the honor list and she'll receive a certificate...Cerificate? duh, it's a Miriam thing daw sabi ni Yayo (whatever it is, kasi dati nung time ko, ribbon ang ibinibigay sa public school). And they'll give it next school year, 'pag grade two na s'ya. Huh? duh!:-) Anyway, dad is so proud of you Zeph (Daddy happily clapping hands again). Buti na lang mana sa daddy.