Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Surviving US-101

On the way to L.A. As always, I was excited to the bone. First time to drive this long in a foreign country. Kaya kaya? But down south is snowing. Interstate 5 is closed. It's raining occassionally. It's traffic. It's like a 12 hour drive. Sobrang haba ng traffic. Ang sakit na sa pwet...asan na ba? ...nakakasawa na ang daan. asan na ba ang sinusundan ko. Ang bilis kasi ng Benz nila Tita Cecille and Tita Regina. Scared pa mahuli ng over-speeding ang assistant to the driver na si Yayo. Pero sobrang ganda ng view. Overall, it was a good and safe trip and cool experience none the less.

Ready to get lost

follow the black route

A drink in the middle of a long drive

enjoying as always
and so we're lost?...again.
going down south