Thursday, December 18, 2008


1st day in Roseville...jet lag and all. First time to experience winter in my life. Still getting use to this place: the air, the clouds, the sun, the room temperature. But Cecile's place is cool. It's near the park and the malls:)

It is so quiet here and it's so cold. I love cold weather like Baguio or the Mt. Pulag summit but here, the coldness goes deep to my bones. Even with the heater on, I'd still wear a jacket and socks. But the kids seems to be at home. 
And the sky is really different compared to where I came from.

Cecile's place. Sienna Loop.

At home si Kaia( with cousin Enzo)

The stateside sky

Zeph with cousin Enzo

Yayo with nephew Jude

Enzo needs a playmate

Kaia looks for her playmates

Down here

Roxy wants a playmate too

Instant playmates

Tita Cecile and Jude

Can Jude be my playmate?

brush muna ng teeth