Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mt. Mariveles (half) climb

I will never forget this climb. For one, most of my '97 batch mates are climbing with me again. Two, Jig has a lot of new and branded mountaineering stuff to surprised us with. And three, I've met new friends along the trail, one of which fell almost 60 feet into a ravine and I was just two seconds behind. I was shocked the entire day and night. Thankfully Pam was alright after 2 hours of pulling her up when the extra help came plus 3 or so hours of trekking back to the baranggay and another 3 hours going to the town hospital and getting x-ray and stitching up her knee wound. I was just happy it ended in a positive mood and a couple of cold beer.
Half of the sweepers team didn't reach the summit. It's okay, Mt. Mariveles will always be there, well, at least in my lifetime;-D
The weather cooperated well and was really good for climbing, but bad for holga shooting. I can never forget this climb even most of my shot sucks bigtime. Ito yung mga pwede na.

July 12-13, 2008.

Pam right after the fall

She's ok (luckily)...and i can't speak.

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