Thursday, May 1, 2008

Analog afternoons

That's the feeling of a sixteen year old me listening to the very first album I bought. 
Tinipid ko ang allowance ko just to buy the Happy Hour LP by the House Martins
75 pesos way back in '87. But I was happy. 
I'm doing something without the knowledge of my parents. 
It's not the happy feeling when you downloaded an album from limewire.  
Far too different. Before there is value to an album, now almost everything is disposable.
There's nothing special about mp3s, you get it, you loose it, you download it back again, 
you loose it again, you don't care. So I don't think that is happiness. 
And definitely not freedom. 
Now, i go back to the old ways as much as i could. 
It's cool to hear the crackling of old vinlys. 
Feeling sixteen all over again is such a wonderful thing:-D. 
Iba ang amoy ng plaka. 
I can hear colors all over.  
Yeah, this is synesthesia. 
So turn the volume up, I want to hear more colors and see more notes.  
You have to listen so you can really see. 

And this is even better than itunes' visualizer. Lakas ng tama.  
This is freedom.