Monday, March 11, 2013

My top 10 favorite photos 2012

Some genius claimed that the Mayans predicted that the world will end last year.
Some panicked. But it didn't happened. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and
thought I might die last year. I'm still here. Life goes on.
And I still have to do my annual selection of favorite photos from last year. Walang lusot.
But last year was a good year for experimentations even though 70 percent of it
were total failure. Last year was my year of what ifs. What if I soak the film in the washing
machine. What if I flip this cam and take another shot? What if I stretch and scratch the film?
What if I put vinegar and soy sauce to the negatives? It was fun. And liberating.
I failed a lot of times.
But I'm still here. Life is good.

So here's my 10 favorite photos from last year.

Zeph double exposed. Konica C35 and Agfa CT Precisa

Canon AE-1 and Kodak Ultima 100 (redscaled)

Konica C35 and Kodak CN BW400

Sweet Kaia. Canon AE-1 and Kodak Ultramax

From our memorable Thailand trip. La Sardina and Agfa Vista

I love diptych. Olympus Pen D and FujiChrome Sensia xpro

Street photography is my favorite. Canon AE-1 and Kodak CN BW400

Canon AE-1 and Kodak Ultima 100 (redscaled)

Washing machine soaked film. Canon AE-1 and Fuji Superia 400

Sprocket Rocket and Fuji Superia 400