Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Road tripping with the girls

A year end road trip with the lakwatsera Yayo, Zeph and Kaia. We got one big bag for all our clothes, a smaller bag with food in case we don't like bus stop-over foods. The kids carry little bags for their psp and stuff. And I got three cameras. It's a bus ride all the way coz i don't like to drive. It's a 6 hour drive from Cubao to San Juan La Union. We stayed 2 nights there. Kaia is so excited swimming in the almost empty pool. Zeph is so contented to be playing with her sister in the beach. Yayo is so pleased she's in some other place beside the kitchen. And I am just happy that I have them for a company. Grand time.
On the third day we pack our bags again and ride the bus going to Vigan. It's a three hour ride from San Juan. And the place was enchanting. Old and beautiful. There were more tourists in Vigan than in La Union. Ordering empanada and okoy took us almost an hour. I know that empanada is a famous street food in Vigan but I think it is over-rated. Kaia got sick from swimming too much the other night, so she stayed with mom in the room while Zeph and I ride the kalesa and visit Vigan's famous spots. Grand time. Looking forward for another road trip with my them.