Saturday, October 30, 2010

Creative Day Away

The creatives are out of the office. It's an overnight thing. 22nd of October 2010.

I downloaded and printed the map going to Punta Fabian in Baras Rizal. Two hours drive from manila as the search link says. And it was. The downloadable info was precise. I rode with my vespa, which by the way is quite enjoyable, for two hours. I was a bit slow because I have to check the landmarks carefully.
It was two towns away from Antipolo City and I didn't get lost. A few stops to ask the local for directions did the trick. Because as I was told, the bus where my office mates were in got lost twice. Heheh. Good thing I decided to ride my vespa.

And what were the Lowe creatives doing in an out of town experience? to think? hell yes. To think of ideas. and nothing but good (possible to win awards) ideas.
No meetings, no ae's, no computers, no phone calls to bug us. it was refreshing in a way.
And even though the food is not that great, and the place is...OK...
buti at hindi bitin ang beers at karaoke.
Baras rocks!