Monday, January 4, 2010

My top 10 favorite photos : 2009

Sometime around September to November of 2009, there's a lull in my photography life. For some reason I can't find the right groove to shoot, I grew tired of the same subjects, I waste so many films on experimentation thus a slash on my budget, plus the fact that I was really busy. But 2009 is still a good year never the less. I acquire two cool analog cameras: The Lubitel 166+ and Yashica Electro 35GS.  This year my photos won me a magazine from its nice that magazine, piggies from lomography society, a magazine publicized photo care of, and a lot of friends. Not bad.
Here are my favorite photos from last year in no particular order.

Luksong Tinik. LC-A and FujiChrome Provia 100f xpro.

Golden. Canon EOS Rebel XT.
I just love this impromptu long exposure shot. We still manage a smile despite the chill.

Born under the sign of water. Snap Sight Underwater camera with Centuria color negatives iso 100.
This one is another proof that you don't need an expensive camera to get the most precious moment.

Just like honey. LC-A and FujiChrome Provia 100f xpro.
She's just so adorable.

Palm Sunday. LC-A and FujiChrome Sensia 200 xpro

Blend in. LC-A and FujiChrome Sensia 200 xpro

Mirror man. Lubitel 166+ and Kodak EktaColor160
Cool camera and with me on it is equal to instant fave:)

I am so grounded. Yashica Electro 35GS and FujiChrome Velvia 100f xpro
Because my kids are the coolest subjects.

Blink. Yashica Electro 35GS and Lucky Super New 200 color negatives

Children of the street. LC-A and FujiChrome Sensia 200 xpro