Monday, May 25, 2009

TNF100 (with trail running bratties)

Went to Sacobia, Clark, Pampanga for the North Face 100 trail run. Yep, a 100K trail marathon, hardcore! Maybe next time for me because I only registered for the 10K. Heh! My first time to run in the trail and with only a day or two running preparation. I get to finished the 10K with i think an hour and 12 minutes. I love trail running. It's so much better than city marathons. And i get to bond with fellow bratties (Amci Batch '97) again.

On the way to Clark the day before the race. Dojo's car.

With Doc and Jig

Jig and Janet full smiles

rented a place that was arranged by Elu

Carbo-loading with beer the night before the race

good morning! looks like a nice day to run

gear up

and we're off

lahar trail

and after 15 minutes the forest trail. nice:)

don't drink...just shoot

cool run

ang gustong pumayat na si Omeng

ang gustong ma-prove na kaya n'ya pa

ang pagod na sa kaka-prove na kaya pa nya

runners resting

met Glenn L. and the rest of the Saatchi runners

cleaning up the muddy trail shoes

Happy for freebies