Monday, February 9, 2009

Last Vegas

More than nine hour drive from Sacramento to Las Vegas but a really wonderful experience. Just the four of us. We took the Interstate 99, a longer route but they say it's safer for a visitor who loves to go around. Even though Vegas is not really for kids, but they enjoyed just the same.Grand time, stayed for four nights at Ceasar's Palace, thanks to Meng and Rose:)

Gas up!

for a long drive again


the highway man

Sunset at the Mojave desert

Iba talaga ang color ng sky dito

Rad! Ceasar's penthouse

Breakfast treat from Meng

Zeph with Rose and Meng

Making the most out of the dessert

Ceasar's Palace lobby

Emperor's welcoming us

Buhay na buhay sa gabi

Vegas commuters

rush hour traffic

Wedding photo scene in Vegas strip