Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Our Top Ten Not-So-Basic Things In The House That Are So Hard To Live Without

Yayo and Zeph and Kaia and Me thinks these things are a necessity.

Number 10. The electronic yaya and the weekend late night companion.

Number 9. Screw It. Pang ayos ng mga madaling masira tulad ng ilaw at mga laruan

Number 8. Better than stapler. Pwedeng pandikit sa lahat.

Number 7. Maraming lapis. Isa lang ang pantasa.

Number kailangan maraming masusulatan.

Number 5. Kung may notebook dapat may macbook din.
Para sa designs and gaming and online social networking.

Number 4. Kung may macbook dapat naka-online(wi-fi).

Number 3. Lahat ng klase ng batteries...cellphone, cam, wall clock, laruan...we need them

Number 2. Our all time emergency food--gummies.

Number 1. Fave ng lahat. Malungkot kapag naubusan nito:)