Sunday, August 17, 2008

LomoWalk your day

Walking is therapeutic. The experts all agree that this basic body function can really do us good.

And I believe it is.

I love walking, It's my all time way to naturally relieve all the stress attached to my working life. 
I work as an advertising art director and the pressures are always high.

So I walk.

Walking makes me think clearer. Most of my ideas pop out when I am walking (of course aside from when I am in the bathroom). Walking allows me to notice subtle details around me that I can never appreciate if I am just sitting in a car. Walking makes everything move a little slower but somehow making time runs a bit faster. Walking twists and stretches my brain and shift my perspectives on the common things I read in books and ultimately change it for the better no matter how uncomfortable I feel. I see truth as it happens. Walking just shakes my system better than coffee and beer.

Walking gives me a sense of freedom in a way.

They say it's the journey and not the destination. So I move. I walk.
And I always do it with a lomo cam in hand. I prefer walking with my favorite camera, the LC-A. 

It’s compact, it’s reliable and it attracts less scrutiny from anyone.

So I walk and I shoot.

I shoot everything that catches my attention. I shoot up and down, left and right. I shoot the sun. I shoot the moon. I shoot the dog, I shoot the guy shooting me. I shoot the unpleasant street and the beautiful strangers. I don’t care about the shutter speed and aperture value I need for the shot, all I know is I want this shot, this moment, this perfect time. I shoot from the hip. I don’t worry about what’s going to appear when it finally gets developed. But more often that not, it never fail to amaze me with the results. It’s just magical.

So I walk.

It's an excellent exercise for the body and maybe good for the seeking soul.

So Walk.

The world is wide open. Put that foot in front of the other and repeat the process street after street. 

And one day who knows, maybe we'll bump into each other. (Check me out:)